Look up royalties

I added royalties to a new contract and now I want to confirm that i put the correct amount in - I’m concerned that I had the decimal place wrong! How do I do that? I looked on etherscan at the transaction and it’s code but couldn’t tell. How can I see what the contract says ex. 8% or .08%… I don’t want to mint tokens until I’m sure it’s correct.

You can check at royaltyregistry.xyz

I tried that using my wallet id… it said there were no royalties listed. I can see the transaction on etherscan and all the fees etc.

I looked and it says token id or url… I don’t have any tokens yet.

Please post the transaction, contract and token.

What does that mean? I’m new to all this.

I found this:

Looks like 800 basis points which is 8.0% I think. I was afraid that I had entered .08%

You can’t check on royaltyregistry until you mint a token.

You can do bps to percentage conversion here

Thanks. Would you agree that this confirms it was set up with 800 bp or 8%?