Looking for Creator Extensions - Burn (and Redeem?) Hooks Documentation/Examples

Hi All! I’m looking to implement a creator extension to implement a burn & redeem experience that can be described as burning a “card pack” to redeem let’s say 5 cards. My current plan at the moment is something like this:

  1. Create a Claim Page with Manifold Studio to mint the “card pack” as editioned token
  2. Code & deploy a Creator Extension that implements the burn hook?
  3. Register my burn hook extension to my “card pack” contract in Manifold Studio
  4. Add Manifold Connect Widget to my site
  5. Implement my own UI/UX to execute the burning of “card pack” token

I think this seems more or less straightforward (unless I’m misunderstanding how to use Manifold’s tools). I’m struggling to find some detailed documentation or examples of how the burn hook extension works.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Or tell me if I’m misunderstanding something about Manifold. In general, I’m very excited to be able to implement this whole experience quickly - I’m just missing this 1 piece of the puzzle before I can move forward with launching my mint and knowing I’ll be able to provide the burn & redeem functionality I want.


Hey! :slight_smile:

I would suggest looking into our developer docs for extensions: Extensions - Manifold Docs

There is a concrete example of burn and redeem there.

Also, we have an app coming soon that will allow you to do just that! :smile:


Wow, thanks for quick reply!

I saw the concrete example of burn and redeem, but I admit I was a bit confused because it didn’t seem use the burn hook function that’s described in the Extensions docs? The burn & redeem example I’m speaking of is from this page in the docs: Extensions Examples - Manifold Docs

So my confusion is mostly how the concrete example relate to the extensions hook docs?

(Any idea when the app is coming? :smiley:)

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App coming soon!! :wink:


Any updates on the burn/redeem app timeline? Eager to get access for an upcoming launch!

Also an extra ping for burn & redeem :wink: