Looking for tech co-founders

Hello Manifold dev community. I am an artist, entrepreneur, and investor, and I’m looking for a tech co-founder to help build some cool things.

I do have a significant amount of coding experience myself in multiple languages since the 80s when I started, but I have not learned Solidity and I probably don’t have time to do this. I have a few ongoing business ventures right now and I’m building my web3 presence as an artist and creator, and getting ready to build some interesting things in 2023. Currently, this is a passion project so I do not have a budget and am looking for someone who wants to help with the tech development in exchange for partial ownership. In the future I may have a budget for some work, but I’d rather have a co-owner who can contribute ideas and really help push these projects to the next level. If I can’t find anyone I will likely push forward with teaching myself solidity and hacking this all together myself, maybe paying here and there for some help on key pieces.

To give a little sense of some of the things I want to do, you can see my art portfolio on https://arbooo.eth.co/ and you can imagine different ways to tie IRL physical interactive artworks to the metaverse through token gated interfaces and sensors. Additionally, regarding my non-art related ventures, I will be tying IRL royalty shares related to my businesses to token ownership (fully legal and vetted) along with developing a platform for incubating art and business ideas both web3 and irl.

If you are interested, please let me know.