Main page bug not loading & contract not loading media on manifold only

I have had a bug on the main page for a while, I connect wallet but then it just shows the address connected but does not launch the studio options (this is on Brave but fixed the issue on Chrome!). Also I’d love to get the new mints from Transient lab loading properly here so I can make a claim page, they don’t show well either in Brave or Chrome using Manifold, but Opensea shows them as does Transient. Only Manifold can give me claim pages to distribute so I’d love to be able to set it up properly. They show only as a black screen. Please help someone thanks!! SPARKSINSTILLNESS | Manifold

gm! Which is the address you’re looking to connect?

Right now our tooling doesn’t support listing tokens for sale that have been minted on external platforms - So you wouldn’t be able to say mint new tokens to that contract.

A heads up - The claim page tools allows for collectors to mint new tokens, it actually doesn’t allow for the distribution of existing tokens to sell on a page.

Ok thanks for the heads up I didn’t realize it cant just make a claim for an existing contract minted elsewhere. I don’t think anyone has this yet then? is there a custom site way to make this capability that I could be pointed to? Its hard to get a grasp for how proprietary everything is bring built for specific usages. Its tricky to navigate as an artist here as everyone has been evolving very differently.
The contract is this 0x61771e8057d0960765b2da4e668028607d53851b
It doesn’t load properly here or on firstmate but it does on Opensea and Transient. I minted 50 editions for specific wallets and would like to be able to batch airdrop or allowlist them somehow without one by one transactions/cost.
Thanks for any advice

What do you mean by it doesn’t load properly? As in the tokens don’t show up in inventory? Or you can’t use it for Studio Apps?

For the custom site - How are you looking to distribute and sell these? Would you want a gallery where collectors can choose an image?