Making 100% ETH going to other wallet than the Creator's wallet

Hey fam

Is it possible to make a drop with the 100% ETH income from the sales going straight to a specific wallet instead of the wallet that created the contract?

I’ll try to raise funds to help with the flood victims that happened here in Brazil this week and would like to separate the my ETH wallet from the donation wallet.


How are you planning to list the tokens for sale? Typically a receiver address can be added but it depends on the method of sale.

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Hey! I’m planning to drop it only on the Manifold’s Claim page

Yes, once you start creating the claim page and set a price. You will see the option “Receiver” on the page. You can paste in the donation wallet then.

Please let me know if you need anything else!

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Thank you mate! Tried to find something like that on the faq pages but you saved me this time!