Making 2 different burns for a same token?

Hey guys, I’ve had the idea a few days back to make 3 different pieces, let’s call it RIP, MAD, FU

I created RIP as a Open Edition, later on you could burn 2 RIP to get 1 MAD.

I didn’t liked so much the amount of RIP left as they were many. So when the time to redeem FU came, I wanted to make two different burnings;

First one, 2 MAD to receive 1 FU (The one active actually)
Second one, 8 RIP to receive 1 FU

However I’ve not been able to make that second one (RIP to FU) because it says I need to create a new token, isn’t any way or extension to let me make a burn with already minted and eligible piece? Or you have any idea for this new burn to be possible in another way? TYSM.

gm! Correct, the mechanics you’re describing aren’t supported at this time. We’ll be building out the features over the next little while and will definitely keep this feedback in mind.

Possible now: