Manifold 2 - New website

Hello team ,
First, thank you for your remarkable work, I am discovering Manifold 2 which is beautiful, however, I have a few questions and it seems that some functionalities may have disappeared or are well hidden.
I no longer see the option to update a token?
From a token, it only seems possible to transfer it to OpenSea or to destroy it via OpenSea or hide it?
I hope that this central functionality has not disappeared?
Thank you.

Gm!! Thank you for the feedback! You can definitely still edit a token - If you click into the token from the homepage, you’ll see a summary/edit/more tab for each token. You can update the metadata there.

Thank you, I am relieved that these features have not disappeared.
However, here is my homepage

Maybe I missed something?

Your data is still migrating over to the new platform and will be available at the end of the 24-hour maintenance window.

This will give you an idea of what your homepage should look like:

Ah thank you very much, Manifold is an important platform for me, I love it. Thank you for everything. :grinning:
I will wait.