Manifold 721 counts don't decrement from 0xdead sends

I’m noticing that I can’t make the counts of 721s decrement by sending to 0xdead, I can only make them decrement with burn redeems on manifold.

I think I’m meant to be sending to 0x0, but opensea doesn’t let you send to 0x0, and in fact urge the user to send to 0xdead for burns.

Ideally, opensea decrements the count on manifold 721s sent to either 0xdead or 0x0.

Any way to resolve this issue? It sounds like potentially an OS thing to resolve, but their support is… non existent, and super boilerplate/irrelevant when they do respond, so I’m not going to try and contact them.

Contracts in general do not allow you to send to 0x0 (it’s not an OpenSea issue). Contracts which support ‘true’ burning have a burn function implemented.

Which 721’s are you burning? Are you burning via the burn app?

If you’re trying to manually just burn tokens yourself, and it’s a manifold contract (or a contract with burn functionality), you’ll have to burn via etherscan and using the burn function.

Yes, sending manifold 721s on my contract to 0xdead because that is the “burn” that opensea supports. Feels like it would be on OS to honor their own concept of burning in that case.