Manifold 721A Contract and Mint Page

Does Manifold have any plans to offer creators a 721A contract and mint page for generative collections? It would be a huge help for creators to have a reliable, audited contract and mint page. An added bonus would be mint pages with customizable sections for hero/mint, gallery, about, FAQ, and social links. Please consider creating a solution for this.

Thanks for bringing this up! We don’t have any immediate plans to support a tool like this but will keep this request in mind

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Hi Lyndo, I just wanted to check back in on this to see if you’ve discussed the possibility of providing a solution for creators looking to do larger 5,000-10,000 collections on Base? An easy to use solution would help kick off adoption for Base NFTs as well.

Right now the market seems to be in a weird spot for larger collections because on Bitcoin, it’s way too expensive to launch anything aside from small sized pixel art, the market seems kind of done with the thought of paying high gas on Eth NFTs, Solana has good tools/market for large collections, but not a great market for artists atm.

Base seems like it has potential but we need more liquidity and volume to be attractive for projects to launch on. It would help if creators had easy options to mint 5,000-10,000 collections on Base, in addition to 1/1s and editions on Eth/Base to keep everything in the Eth ecosystem and bring more liquidity to Base so it’s attractive for everyone to participate.