Manifold auto crop

If you have a horizontal format image, Manifold default crops it to a Square from the center for the token page.

Is there a way to manually move the square crop so it is not from the center? For example, what if creator would prefer the square crop to more to the left or right? The would be a good feature.

gm! Are you referring to the Token page within Studio? Or an external facing site?

Thanks for the reply.

I have a Draft token on an ERC721 contract that is horizontal, but appears cropped to square here. Is this how it will display on UIs that only show square tokens? If so, I would like to be able to slide the crop left or right to display art to best advantage.

It shouldn’t crop. Do you have a screenshot?

If you want to be certain, you can also mint the token to a testnet contract and verify the test output on OS before promoting the token to mainnet.

I would love it if I could shift the square crop left or right. Some apps display as squares. Wishlist?

Gotcha. How about if it were just kept at original aspect ratio, scaled down against a black backdrop?

That’s better than mandatory crop. I think all creators would agree.

Thank you!

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