Manifold Batch Mint doesn't allow for change of the metadata because Token #0 is missing

Can you please provide more details including:

  1. Your studio profile address
  2. A description of what is happening/what you’re trying to do (e.g. are these tokens already minted, or are you minting new tokens and need to update metadata before you mint. If already minted, example tokens, etc.)
  3. Open up your error console and see what’s happening
  4. Screenshots if errors you see on the page, in the console and on the network tab.

this will help us track things down much faster

  1. aleqth.eth
    2.i changed all the metadata but cannot update it to new image because there is a missing token #0
  2. im not sure how to do that

thank you aleqth.eth for reporting - we were able to track this down. our error message is misleading and we will be correcting it. right now this is indicating that you are trying to update and at least the first token does not have a name.

since name is a required field - can you add a name for the token(s) or use something like “[BLANK] or [EXPIRED]” in the name field? or what is your use case for continuing without a name?

Thank you! I wanted to hide the name of the collection so i delete all the names of everything. i already changed the metadata do a white screen, but i am probably gonna try to change them back somehow. are you guys planning to allow batch uploads to have over 200 tokens?