Manifold Claim Page doesnt work at all

Manifold Claim Page doesn’t work at all even from Studio. impossible to edit metadata as well. page not loading


I got same issue my friend.

Thanks for bringing this up - Can you add screenshots of where you’re getting stuck?

same thing of Geren

May be unrelated, but I currently cannot create a claim page from studio.

getting a 401 unauthorized error

yes, same to me. cannot edit/create

now seems it work but he ask me to publish again the page, and make again the transaction to create a claim.(I did it before the crash from Manifold Stufdio)
transaction 0x74c2135f6f39a44c166111549ed6b676708814e1784227edb2c09a857d61cef7

token was created actually and it is showed on opensea.

also token metadata result not updated on etherscan.
should I sign the transaction again?

So the claim page is live but not visible on Studio? What is the URL?

I published the page, signed the transaction, but the page actually doesnt exist.
i just can see the token created on opensea

after the publishing manifold claim stop working basically. page should be Manifold

if i try to edit from manifold studio, it result as draft yet