Manifold Claim Page Metadata Impact


Earlier this evening we detected that some Claim Pages edited in the past few hours failed to update metadata correctly. Impacted creators have been identified and emailed for creators with connect email accounts in Manifold Studio.

For impacted creators the following action is required to fix your Claim Page and ensure tokens are displaying correctly on Manifold and other marketplaces.

Action Required:

  • Head to the “Edit Token” page for your Manifold Claim Page
  • Make a modification to your token metadata to light up the “Save” button (you can simply overwrite the title, or add and delete a space in one of the text fields…)
  • Click “Save”
  • Your assets will be uploaded to Arweave and a wallet transaction will confirm these changes on chain

Thank you so much for your patience,

:heart: Manifold


hi, i do this 3 times but my claim page doesn’t show my mp4 animation and yesterday everything was working fine. today i have only the thumbnail. you can see g/:+((/-/ �

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Hi, I did what you said but it’s still not working?

Same for me. I’ve tried re uploading the file, changing the text… saving. Still doesn’t show my video

Looking into both your claim pages. Metadata looks correct now. Let’s see why video isn’t playing.

Yes please look, in the backend of the claim page everything is fine but in the mint page there is no video, only the thumbnail

Not working! video does not show!

@motionmajid, @Stef1, @punk thanks for hanging in there. Got to the bottom of this and shipped a fix. give your pages a refresh.

For those following, note that this is a separate issue and unrelated to the metadata you have come here for. Follow the instructions in the original post to fix things up.

Its working now thanks

Mine is working too! Thanks so much :pray:t5:

mine is working too, thanks