Manifold Contract Disappeared

Hello, friends.

I need help. Somehow, I can no longer find the Manifold contract that I created 2 weeks ago. Containing 1 NFT (NFT already has been sold via FND).

Now, I am creating a new NFT to place in the same contract, but the contract is now missing. I don’t know what to do.

Hoping for some guidance. Much love.

minted this as a draft. it said “saved” so i did not try in mainnet first.

when i came back and reloaded the page, my whole contract is gone.

and now it just shows this.

can’t find my contract anywhere, where i was supposed to mint my 2nd piece.

Please post a link to the nft. And try logging out of studio and logging in with the wallet that created the contract.

hello sir. thank you for being here. i appreciate you.

here is the link of the nft that i minted when you helped me last time.

note: this nft was minted in the contract that is now missing from my manifold page. i am supposed to mint a new nft today on the same contract…

update: what you suggested has worked. i logged out and logged back in. it’s fine now. thank you again for helping me with my noob problems!