Manifold contract safety

Hello, I was wondering if we can have confidence that when connecting our wallets to an artists app.manifold link, that they are safe, and won’t have bugs in them or that we may allow a txn that endangers a wallet’s nfts/assets.

It seems like the contracts are standard? Thanks for your help.

There is always the risk when using any web app that it behaves unexpectedly, whether it’s web3 or web2. Likewise with smart contracts, it’s never possible to say they are perfect, only that they have behaved as expected over time.

We own the domain, and thus all subdomains including At present, the only pages on that subdomain are claim pages and burn redeem pages. Both of those pages and their underlying contracts were created and audited by the manifold team, not by individual creators. in both cases, there is a monolithic contract shared by all creators, so it shouldn’t have a bug on one page but not on another.

However, it’s still possible for someone to create a page impersonating someone else, or to make a deceptive domain or twitter account. So it’s important to verify that any links you visit are coming from the real creator before you interact with your wallet.

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Thank you for the helpful response!