Manifold deployed contract tokens Base URI


I will deploy a contract soon using Manifold studio, I will not mint the tokens (will not use batch minting option), I will make a claim page and collectors will claim the tokens, I can see that I can use to upload media and metadata to arweave. My question is where to set the base URI on manifold deployed contract?

  • For example, I have used another service before and while I was setting up the contract, I had the ability to write down the Base URI. Is this available with Manifold Studio?


You can also use manifold to upload to arweave!

You could call setBaseTokenURI through etherscan if you want to set the base URI, but not something I’d suggest doing. Would suggest just going through the Claim app and doing defaults :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I have watched some videos of creating claim page app, but all of them were using batch minting so they can upload the media and metadata. Is uploading the media and data through Manifold studio will be available when I am not using batch minting?

My last question, if I set the metadata to unrevealed status. How to replace the old metadata with the new one the metadata (revealed status with images and full attributes).


I suggest you just go into the Claims app and try! You can set up the metadata and then come back and change it later

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Thank you, this is the first time I will be using Manifold Studio so, I like to collect all the data I can before start using it, to see if it is a good fit or not (as for now before I try it, its like to be in the dark).

I have this collection with 10000 NFTs, that I need to batch Upload media and metadata. In which step within the manifold studio configuration I will have the ability to upload the media and metadata? you mentioned before (Would suggest just going through the Claim app and doing defaults) so where exactly the step where the claim page will read my media and metadata.


Ah I see… if you are trying to do a big collectible project with 10,000 NFTs then Studio is probably not the right solution for you.

Not sure what the best option is , but we generally don’t have many tools for huge collections like that.

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Thank you I saw some users used the claim page to mint 4000 tokens, so I thought that I can use manifold studio for 10000 NFTs.


Do you have an example?

Claim page can be used to mint editions of the same artwork, if you’re looking to create a page for collectors to mint 10000 pieces, this isn’t supported atm.

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lyndo answer clarify for me that claim page is only for copies of the same artwork.

Thank you, any plans in the future to support this.

Yes this is for copies of the same artwork. Definitely something we’ll be supporting in the future!

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It would be incredible to use the same Claim Page process, but instead of uploading an artwork, have an input for token_uri. I really want to use the Claim Page for creating an generative collection with unique tokens.