Manifold Gallery - how to use it as a collector

I am not sure if I use the right gallery website for a collector - is this one right ? Share | Manifold

I would like to search for the artist - like rekt6529 - where is this possible ?

Is there a document what shows how to manage it as a collector ?

I hope you can help me.
Best regards

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Hey. I didn’t figure out it myself, but I think it only lists artworks that were marked as auction listings when they were minting on Manifold. For instance, I published today my first NFT, but it appeared only on marketplaces. I couldn’t find my artwork following your link… I’ll try to message about this someone from the team. In the meantime, take a look at my art. I soon should publish additional 7 artworks.

This is my collection on OpeSea. :innocent:

gm! There’s a difference between minting a token and listing a token for sale. When you mint a token with Manifold, it’s picked up on the other marketplaces to display, this doesn’t mean that it’s for sale.

When you list a token for sale, there are different ways to do this. Using Manifold Gallery, this is a custodial auction which takes possession of the token until the token is sold or the auction is cancelled.

With that said, there’s multiple ways to distribute your tokens, check out our case studies here: