Manifold gallery isn't showing the updated image

I updated the image of this NFT (from a black placeholder), but the gallery isnt updating it:

opensea as reference:

  • the metadata and title did update correctly, OpenSea and Magic Eden also showing the update metadata and images. only Manifold Gallery isnt showing it correctly.

side note: the edition inside the manifold studio shows this “Data Sync error”
in this link:

Data Sync Issue
Your data is out of sync. Please publish to re-sync.

I’ve clicked publish multiple times but this warning never goes away. (not only on this piece but all my other NFTs). not sure if its related… but felt relevant to report here.

Hi, I believe this is all fixed. In the future, you can go to ‘More Options’ and click ‘Refresh Metadata’ to trigger an update across Gallery, OpenSea and other platforms.

Does it appear correct to you now?

Thanks! yes, its working now!

Lovely to know that the “Refresh Metadata” updates all platforms. :wink:
Pretty sure i did this yesterday before posting here… maybe it took longer than i expected.