Manifold gallery page does not load (is it out of gas or something else?)

Hi there!

Just minted my first Optimism token on manifold creator contract. It works correctly in marketplaces like Opensea. However when I attempt to view it in Manifold gallery, the gallery gets stuck at loader:

Any tips if there is something I could do to resolve this? The tokenURI call is quite gas heavy so it could indeed just run out of gas, but its difficult to know as I cannot see any error. The rendering contract is upgradeable so I can definitely work around the issue. But it would be helpful to know if it is indeed a gas related problem or if it could be something else such as Manifold gallery not supporting generally on-chain NFTs with data URIs

gm! Can you send the working Opensea link for the token?

Opensea link to the working token:

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taking a look, i see that the link does in fact infinite load. something on our end can’t fetch the token details from the marketplace. i’ll report back. whatever it is i want fixed bc cool on-chain art is sick!

oh interesting. any idea why the read call reverts on etherscan? i wonder how OS got the call to not revert and cache the information… was there a previous version of this token and then it’s tokenURI system was updated post-mint? plausible it’s cache’ing an older version on OS.

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 2.50.55 PM

I think our scanner has no tokenURI information for the same reason this is reverting on etherscan, and therefore the listing page won’t load. I can rescan once it either doesn’t revert 100% and then the page will def go live.

Check that your extensions are not reverting on tokenURI for id 1 and the creator contract address for RAIN which is 0x199D0b700B64DCC07Cf991cF630a373F27BfB1B8. Right now that also reverts for me.

Hello there!

I think I have resolved this problem and Manifold gallery now works:

For future reference what happened:

  1. Call to tokenURI consumed approx. 120M gas
  2. Optimistic Etherscan has gas limit of 100M so it reverted
  3. Manifold Gallery has gas limit unknown to me and it reverted

As a fix, I updated my renderer to include adaptive gas check to fallback to slightly lower resolution artworks in case gas is limited to less than 100M gas. I do not know what gas limit Manifold Gallery uses, but clearly to stay safe its smart to stay under 100M gas.

Just as a suggestion: it would be obviously really good that Manifold Gallery would display that it has indeed reverted due to out of gas. But knowing it might not be worthwhile to implement as this isn’t likely a common problem.

Thanks for help and quick responses! This ticket can be closed


Wow well done! That was some quick optimization you just did there, hitting the bounds of the EVM. I’ll look into why/if we manually set a limit on those read calls, though my guess is it’s something implicit about the network that I’m unfamiliar with as of now, as we have similar reverts to etherscan in almost every situation like this. Very helpful to have these numbers to go searching around for. Cheers! Stoked you got yourself out of the pickle, cool solve too.