Manifold Gallery URL "slug"

Hello Everyone!!! I´m having problems setting a personalized URL for Manifold Gallery… when I hit SAVE in the “slug” option it doesn´t take me anywhere. Any recommendations?


Can you take a screenshot of where you’re stuck?

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Did you resolve this? I am having the same issue. The “save” button is clickable but it does nothing and the URL gives a 404 error.

I haven´t resolved it… have the same problem.

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I´m stuck at the Save button

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Also experiencing the same problem. When I try to set a custom gallery link and or link my subdomain, the save button doesn’t respond. (custom DNS already configured and issued for subdomain)

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Hi Lyndo!

Wondering if you were able to diagnose this issue. I appreciate your time and insight!

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Seems like the issue has been resolved, Save buttons are working now. Thanks!