Manifold Merch Bridge / Shopify

Shopify Merch Bridge

  • Installed Dawn Theme Merch Bridge from Github
  • Product Gate and log in works
  • The documentation has been super helpful overall!


It removes the Buy Now button on the product page. I have toggled on and off, and does not seem to show. I can duplicate the product but would prefer not to if possible!

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 8.10.02 AM

I also see that you have a config error. Here is the FAQ to fix that.

As for the other thing. Did you check this box?

If you did - then it won’t be available for others to purchase. You may want to uncheck it.

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TY. This fixed it! Silly of me to miss that

created app! TY for flagging this

DOWN BAD…will you sell me your Flower??

LFG! Will sell it to you for 6.9 ETH