Manifold Merch Bridge


I’ve created an ERC 1155 contract on Base for holders to redeem a discount for my upcoming merch drop.

When creating the product gate I’ve learned that with ERC 1155 a snapshot is necessary… is there a way to autonomously do snapshots so that I don’t have to manually create a gate every week for new holders that want to apply their benefits for being early etc? Or just have no snapshot at all (with an ERC 1155). Because I understand that ERC 721 is easier to track without snapshot. But if there’s a workaround where ERC 1155 can be used I’d appreciate it.

The goal with the collection connected to merch is to keep it open indefinitely to reward those that are willing to become a little more web3 native. Or up until the point that demand reaches 100k+ people… then I’d cut off the collection and make it more snapshot oriented. But for now it’d be far easier to use 1155 over 721 because of it’s organizational benefit as well as simplicity for newcomers like I said. I put a lot of thought and effort into this contract, so it’d be preferred to not have to start from scratch with a 721.

In case you need the collection details, here are the NFT’s:

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you need extra details. I forward to help on this one, being one of the first artists to truly bridge web3 to the world of fashion…

P.S. Here’s a sample of one of the designs I can’t wait to use release because of manifold x shopify:

Any help I can get with this?

Just checking in to see if there’s anything I can do.

GM @malikaiimask.eth

Thanks for all the context. This is great.

At the moment we have no way of supporting ERC1155 gates without a snapshot on Merch Bridge. But I do see how this would be painful for you as you’d have to re-run and manage snapshots as you added folks to your community via ongoing 1155 claim pages.

Can you tell me more about your thoughts around the organization benefits of 1155s vs 721s and how you are planning to use? This is interesting.

My suggestion for what I know about this specific use case would be a fresh 721 contract, but obviously some downsides if you’ve already prepped and deployed the 1155 contract.

Another thought - if 1155s is the way, would you consider a product where you could burn said token for access to the physical? We’re actually very close to re-launching our GET PHYSICAL product with burn-to-pay support as the first payment mechanic. Seems to go against your idea of maintaining the tokens, but maybe a way to make use of the contracts you already created?

Feel free to let me know more here, but I also want to invite you to our office hours this Thursday fi you can make it. We’ll be getting a dozen artists together or so to chat physicals and preview the new app. More info here!


I’m so sorry kmart I had some things going on, and didn’t expect a response haha. But I’m so glad you got back to me.

So I have some questions:

  • How often are these calls? Because I have some more in-depth questions and sad I missed this one.

  • And say I wanted to stick with ERC1155 no matter what… is it possible to do multiple snapshots per physical item? And how would that work? As in would I have to create a product gate over and over for the same physical product any time I do a snapshot?

Any help with these questions would be massive. I know my designs have the quality and culture that I’ve been yearning to grasp but never seen… and I’m happy to use Manifold to help spread that movement.