Manifold Mint Button for Open Edition not working?

Hello! I currently dropped an open edition using Base/Crossmint, but Im getting users reporting mint button errors. Specifically, it’s either incorrectly saying they do not have the funds, or the mint button itself just isnt working. I’ve had this reported by 3 separate people. Any help would be extremely appreciated! The button shows up to mint, but it’s just not clickable. Provides no error message either.

Thanks for reaching out - Seems like it’s not affecting everyone, we’ll look into it. Do you have any examples of wallets who are unable to mint?

Follow up: do you know what network they were on when they clicked the button? Curious if maybe it’s a bug with our network-switching functionality, causing errors because the user ends up on the wrong network.

Hey johnny! Thanks for the quick response. I believe they were on ETH and then switched to Base. Basically the mint button is just unclickable for them on both mobile/desktop.

Sidenote: I’m also seeing a few people have their credit card mints declined, but their card issuer is saying its not them declining. Not sure if this is a crossmint question, but thought I’d add.

I have a few screen recordings, but I dont think this forum allows new users to upload videos. Happy to send on discord/twitter dms if possible!

One example of a wallet not able to mint is “emonee.eth”, but there are a few others.

Can you upload the videos and post a link?

Hi wilkins! It should be available here unlisted. Please let me know if you can see!

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Oh VERY interesting. Will report back when I find a solve. Thank you!

Thank you for looking into it! Normally I’d think it’s a one-time issue, but I’ve had 4 people now message me this so Im assuming its widerspread. Will keep an eye on any updates!

Would you be able to find out what wallet they’re using and if they’re using a hardware wallet?

I believe one instance was hardware and another I know of was metamask mobile browser. Please let me know if that’s helpful. Ill message the others I know having issues and see what they say!

That would be helpful.

Can you ask the people who had issues to check if their wallet is on base network?

We might have a bug where we don’t warn properly if you’re on the wrong network.

Let us know if that ends up being the issue. We will keep investigating.

Ah, yes, that’s it. If you see the screen recording, it shows ‘switch network’, meaning they’re on the wrong network. Clicking buy is supposed to trigger a network switch prompt on the wallet, but for some reason, it’s not happening.

it’s possible this is due to them not having base installed on their wallet, or a wallet issue. Can you ask them if they can switch to base on the wallet and try?

Confirmed I can reproduce the issue in the video if I try it on a wallet without the base network configured.

On desktop, with metamask, if this happens, we prompt to add the network.

On mobile metamask, we try to do the same, but it fails for some reason (metamask mobile may not support ability to trigger a network add request).

I’ll test out other wallets to see the full scope, and then see if we can get some better reliability here. Thanks for tracking that down wilkins. Makes sense, i see the “SWITCH NETWORK” button above the “CLAIM” button so it must not be properly switching network it certain instances where they don’t have the network in their wallet already.

Follow up here is that sadly, MetaMask Mobile is a buggy application. I just tested it myself and the behavior is very erratic, hard to support correctly.

I’ll try to come up with some sort of hack in the meantime but your best bet for now is one of the following:

  1. Tell them to manually add Base network to their MM Mobile, switch to it manually, then try again.
  2. Use something like Wallet Connect with another application (like Ledger Live)
  3. Use a browser extension like Coinbase or MetaMask.

Will also report to MetaMask that the mobile application for iOS has issues switching networks, and specifically isn’t properly prompting to add new networks when requested.

Massive apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you both so much! I think this makes sense. Ill make sure to forward those troubleshooting options if I see anyone else having issues. I really appreciate the timely responses and looking into this. Hope yall had a great new year!

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Our pleasure penguitt! Happy new year to you as well.