Manifold Minting

i wanted to ask can a token be minted exclusively to a manifold contract, only being able to be minted through manifold. if so, are the royalties honored if it’s purchased on secondary. i’ve read about the marketplace blocker and wondering if it will let you mint your token only to the contract as an option

gm! Can you clarify what you mean by a token to be minted exclusively to a Manifold contract and mint your token only to the contract as an option?

At this time Studio only allows you to deploy and mint to your Manifold contract, you wouldn’t be able to say… mint to an Opensea contract.

yeah sure

is it possible to mint on the manifold contract exclusively. like if you don’t want your mint to be available anywhere but the manifold contract and page. no opensea, no foundation etc. only manifold

if it is then will the royalties set to the contract/token be honored still

Hey Kesean - welcome to Manifold. Could you share your thinking on why you’d want to restrict minting to the Manifold page? (I assume you mean on

yeah, only being available at that type of manifold link.

i wanted to try this way of building. with manifold having royalty enforcement set by its contract and token, it seems like something possible as if indexing on any given platform. the only thing i could think of was how people could purchase on secondary if it’s only available through manifold. there’s a button on some of the manifold project mint pages that reads purchase on secondary. im guessing to purchase via opensea. but i don’t want it on opensea, i only want it on manifold

I think I understand - you want to only enable purchases through platforms that strictly enforce the royalties you’ve configured on your contract, is that correct?

Could you share the contract under consideration?

that is nice too, my thought is i want the mints on a contract to only be available to mint through manifold. you can’t go anywhere other than the manifold link to mint it primarily or secondarily. the marketplace blocker most references what im thinking. the marketplace blocker, but for every platform except manifold

Sure, but can you explain why? The nature of decentralized goods are that your property rights are decoupled from the marketplace and consumer platforms. That the owner of mints purchased from you can be sold wherever they wish is an inherent “default” right.

Of course, you could enforce a different behavior using a product like the marketplace blocker or your own smart contract extension. Just curious, why?

yeah of course. here i’d like to try building something creatively that is based on this thinking and outline. its not about restricting people to only being able to mint through manifold, but more about the creative process in building my contract

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hey wanted to touch base on this one last time. would it be possible to have a contract/mints only show on a set few specific platforms? preferably using one of the tools in studio. i can’t say writing an extension is easy for me but keep thinking one of the apps will solve all my problems. or if one of the devs can give a hand please let me know

is it possible to have your contract/mints only show on a specific set of platforms only? ie if you want it to only be accessible through opensea and manifold, is this something that can happen using the tools provided by manifold

contract and mint not showing up on any platforms except magic eden. i was not able to preference which platforms i’d like the work on as the option is gone, i use none of the ones showing on the claim page except opensea. is there a way to get this corrected