Manifold Shopify Plugin - how does it prevent double spends?

We’re setting up a Shopify store to give away merch to users. We plan on sending them an NFT, and then they can come to the Shopify website to redeem their NFT for the merch. How does Manifold prevent the same NFT from being used twice? Does it save the token IDs that have been redeemed? Ideally, we’d love it if the NFT used was burned or transferred to the burn address.

Yes. We track and prevent double usage of a redeemed token by marking it as consumed on our end and adding the item to the cart.

Ensure that the exclusive item has an extremely high price for it to be restricted properly.


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how does this prevent an nft that has been redeemed from being sold on secondary…even if it is marked as consumed…how is that designated visually…what prevents someone from receiving a physical item and then still being able to sell the token on secondary?

Nothing. The token can be resold but can’t be used to redeem again.

It would be great if you guys added something that either transfers to the merchant, burns the token on redemption, or something else.

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Do you guys have docs on how you built this?