Manifold shows that my contract hasn't been deployed when i try to mint on Goerli and mainnet

Im trying to mint a token on a new contract but everytime i get to the part where I select “myself” it says this. I have already deployed the contract like last week.
I also get this when i go into settings…

Thanks for reaching out - Can you link the mainnet contract that was deployed and you’re looking to mint from?


this is the address and im looking to mint from

Got it - And your wallet is set to Etherum Mainnet in Metamask? Can you log in and out of metamask and try again?

yes it is, and ive done that a couple times


Do you mind taking a screenshot of your studio page, specifically the header part please? You can see an example as below

Hi, it said unknown before (even after i logged in and out) now it says mainnet and it seems its fixed, thanks!