Manifold Studio Update: Inventory

Inventory automagically syncs and organizes your tokens from foundation, SuperRare, @NiftyGateway, Artblocks,, OpenSea, & more

ALL creations - ALL platforms - ALL together

Find all your collectors and OWN your audience.

Inventory Features

  • Content Aggregation
    • Support for non-Manifold Tokens from any ERC-721/1155 Contract
    • To date, Studio was only aware of your creations through Manifold. Now, Studio aggregates all of your creations across both sovereign contracts and platforms, aka your “inventory”.
      • If you deploy a new contract outside of Manifold, Studio will recognize it.
      • If you mint a new token outside of Manifold, Studio will recognize it.
  • Content Management System
    • Support for Linking Multiple Ethereum Accounts
    • Studio now allows for visualizing your on-chain creations in a CMS-like view. You can easily keep track of and manage your inventory with detailed token information, searching and filtering, and actions on selected tokens.
  • Collections
    • Cross-Platform Collections
      • Support for Foundation, SuperRare, NiftyGateway, ArtBocks, etc.
    • Cross-Platform Collector Details
    • Studio now allows for creating collections of tokens, across contracts, platforms, and even networks. Most platforms have made rigid definitions of collections, often linking it to just the contract. Studio gives you full flexibility to group your content into the collections that make sense for your story.
  • Collectors
    • Export All My Collectors
    • Studio now makes it easier for you to understand your full collector-base across your entire inventory. View your new or top collectors and know exactly which pieces they have collected from you.

Whats next

  • Check out your inventory in Studio and provide feedback! We want to ensure what we’ve built is useful and filling the gap we see in being able to understand your inventory.
  • An accurate representation of your entire on-chain inventory is fundamental for what we’re envisioning next. This is the just the first step of setting up the foundations for a re-envisioned Manifold Studio experience. Stay tuned!


LOVE this new feature! Have been hoping for something like this for a while.

Will this feature also support tokens that were lazy minted on OpenSea’s shared contract? I minted my first 3 collections there before I started using Manifold, and I’m not seeing those coming through in my inventory. This is the key piece that would be super helpful to track all of my collectors since a majority of them are from those collections. Thanks!

Thank you I have been wanting this for years.
I however do not see art I created in 2018. It looks like the v1 SuperRare contract is not being indexed. It is a bit funny because it was pre erc-721.
It looks like KnownOrigin is missing also but it is probably hard to separate out all the artists there.
My collector list stops at 550. Is this a hard limit or do I really have exactly 550?

Were they minted with your studio wallet address?

Yes, but anything I minted on SuperRare V1 contract and mints from KnownOrigin do not show up.

Hmm. They should. Can you share your wallet address?

Now version 1 of the super rare contract is different. It will not look like modern ones.
Here is the contract

Yes they were minted with the same wallet address as all my other studio contracts:
jprittee.eth / 0xaD3C9aefB16cE19e0c31b505D7B76E5b8E7Eb9d6

do you have a link to the token?

SuperRareV1 - we are reindexing it because it was pre-721 standard.

For KO, do you have a token example?

Yes thank you. Yes it is a funny contract. KO also has a v1 and a v2 contract.

Here are a few of mine on KO

Will you be able to index AsyncArt Blueprints also?

Just added KO and AsyncArt blueprints. can you try it out?

It’s these 3 collections:

Thanks you!

Thank you. I don’t see them yet. Maybe my profile needs to update

Your KnownOrigin + AsynArt Blueprints tokens should show now. We have to re-index SuperRareV1 because it didn’t adhere to 721 spec.

OpenSea tokens should be picked up now. There’s some weirdness with OpenSea though that we’re working through.

Amazing, thanks so much for the help!

Amazing feature! one question, the “Remove from Collection” doesnt seem to be working.

“Remove tokens from collection”.

i click the Remove button and nothing happens (its an NFT in the OS shared contract)

Confirmed that the Remove button is indeed not working we’ll get this fixed.