Manifold Update 7/28/23 - Shopify, Burn Redeem, YouTube, and more

Shopify product gating just got easier

This week we’ve shipped major upgrades to Manifold Merch Bridge, our free Shopify app enabling anyone to provide exclusive products or discounts to NFT-holders.

Creators have been asking about a streamlined install process that didn’t require getting tripped up with custom Shopify liquid code so we delivered. Merch Bridge now uses App Blocks, enabling fast no-code setup and compatibility across any Online Store 2.0 theme with a specified cart page.

You can now get up and running from scratch in literally minutes. Here’s all it takes:

  1. Make sure your product type is set to “Manifold”
  2. Use Merch Bridge to set rules for who can access products and discounts
  3. Configure your store to go live by dragging and dropping three app blocks across product and cart pages

Other dope things we shipped on this update

Get started today by downloading the free Merch Bridge Shopify app!

Other Improvements

Burn Redeem now supports Optimism!

  • Create pages for collectors to redeem new tokens by burning any existing OP tokens - your own or others!
  • Make sure you’re connected to the Optimism network during setup and OP contracts will automatically appear for selection

Claims now support embedded YouTube links!

  • Promote your drop by including a hype YouTube Video!
  • You will have the option to enter this in when setting up your Claim Page’s description

Safe Account Users

  • Manifold Studio now offers full transaction support for Safe account (Gnosis Safe) users on Ethereum Mainnet
  • Simply connect SafeWallet via Wallet Connect and following the prompts for single or multi-signature signing