Manifold x Shopify (NFT commemoration)


I’ve finally created a fresh 721 contract for merch drops connected with NFT’s on Base. I’m in the process of creating product gates so that users can use my manifold NFT’s to redeem discounts indefinitely using the 721 contract.

What I want to ask is: Is there a way to seamlessly airdrop or give an new NFT linked to a purchase on shopify??

I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere or maybe this is something I’ve been wanting to incorporate, but I wanted to know if there is a mechanism that can be implemented on the shopify store where someone purchases the items in their cart they can redeem a free NFT to commemorate the purchase. Is there something like that available within the range of manifold tools?

Obviously something that would be automated upon purchase and simply an option for end-consumers to claim.

I’m going for an approach that is a rewarding experience for NFT noobs and veterans alike that is a more scalable way to promote adoption of NFT’s from end-to-end.

Gm malikaiimask.eth!

The team has definitely chatted about this - we think something like this would be a really cool experience. Especially to your points about adoption and bringing people on to NFTs from a trad web2 action.

Right now we don’t have a specific feature in merch bridge that does this, so the advice we’ve always given is to utilize studio and our minting/batch minting tools to airdrop directly to wallets who have purchased. Of course this only works for folks who are already native to web3 and have purchased something from you utilizing their NFT and the gate.

Would you mind sharing your shopify store?

You open to meeting up with the team for us to learn more about what you’re working up? Hit us up via our studio email if so… (

Btw - team was just talking about how dope the artifact art was. Nice work.

GM kmart!!

I just sent over an email to the address you shared. I’m free today to get on call for the next few hours if you happen to this in time, if not I’ll be free this weekend for a call as stated in the email I sent over.

I don’t think we ponder on adoption enough, and I think it’s time to do just that and make web3 great again.

I look forward to hearing back from you legends.