Manifold x Squarespace

Does anybody has experience with setting up an NFT (sales) page on Squarespace using Manifold tokens? Would like to see some examples of integrations. Thanks! :v:

hello! i just went with claim pages linked from squarespace because i feel like there is more trust in general with the familiarity of reaching a manifold page then connecting wallet vs asking someone to connect wallet on my site integrating the widget.

so i just did it like this: VETUR — CONLON ⌘

note that manifold is currently having an outage so the claim pages aren’t actually loading

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Thanks. Look clean idd and currently still maybe the best solutions. :slight_smile:

I did something similar, and linked back to Manifold Gallery. Here’s an example: Studio Reith

Squarespace also has docs about injecting code here

When you try this out, it will affect the appearance of your header, as it needs to be transparent (dynamic).

I opted to just keep the link back to Manifold Gallery structure, as I agree with Conlon, regarding the trust and familiarity factor.