Marketplace Blocker App Sunsetting Aug. 31

Thank you for all the feedback - We’ve decided to keep the Marketplace Blocker app available in the App Store indefinitely.

Original Post:
Following Opensea’s policy change regarding the Operator Filter and optional creator fees, we will be sunsetting the ability to enable the Operator Filter via the Marketplace Blocker app on Manifold Studio at the end of this month. If you’re using the block list, you will still have the ability to disable the block list.


  • From now until August 31, there will be no changes to the Marketplace Blocker app. Creators will continue to have the ability to enable and disable the Operator Filter.
  • On September 1, enable functionality on the Marketplace Blocker app will be sunset. No new collections will be able to add an Operator Filter to their contracts. Creators will continue to have the ability to disable the Operator Filter on relevant contracts.

Why will the Marketplace Blocker be disabled?

Opensea has recently announced it will be removing the Operator Filter and moving to optional creator fees on all secondary sales. As a result, we’ll be sunsetting the Marketplace Blocker App.

From Opensea’s blog post:

“The changes will go into effect on Thursday, August 31, and come with updates for buyers, sellers, and creators:

  • Existing collections currently using the OpenSea Operator Filter (up to August 31): we will enforce your designated creator fees on OpenSea through February 29, 2024. After that time, creator fees will be optional.
  • Existing collections on all non-Ethereum blockchains: we will enforce your designated creator fees on OpenSea through February 29, 2024. After that time, creator fees will be optional.
  • New collections: creator fees will be optional for all new collections beginning August 31. Existing collections that are NOT using the OpenSea Operator Filter: No changes – creator fees will be optional.”

The Marketplace Blocker was initially designed to provide a creator controlled alternative to Opensea’s Operator filter. The Manifold Marketplace Blocker app let creators manually create blocklists to restrict the sale of tokens on selected marketplaces.

What is the Opensea Operator Filter?

At the end of 2022 OpenSea updated their policy on creator-fees to not enforce royalties unless the contract contained code (the Operator Filter) to block the selling of NFTs on a specific list of zero-royalty marketplaces. Opensea has recently decided to remove this feature all together.

Please consider leaving this app as an option to make it easier for creators who want to have more control over which marketplaces can sell their work. The marketplaces are constantly changing the rules and it would be better if creators had an easy way to adapt as well. I know Manifold is generally against blocking marketplaces but the choice should be up to the creator. Many of us don’t agree that a marketplace should be able to profit from our work on every sale in perpetuity via a transaction fee, while leaving us with zero royalties. If we want to block a marketplace in protest, we should be able to easily do so. Thank you.

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Thanks for responding - Would love to know a little more about what you’re thinking here ie, which platforms do you plan to block/keep?

Thanks for your consideration. Part of the reason to keep the filter app is because the marketplaces have been continually changing and can change their policies at any time. That makes it difficult to predict the future and say exactly what I would do and that’s why I think it would be valuable to keep the filter, so we can continue to adapt accordingly. Not to mention, there will be new marketplaces coming in to play that may impact these decisions. For example, if Yuga, or a collective of the top projects and creators (maybe teaming up w Manifold ;), or anyone else creates a new marketplace that honors royalties, is open to everyone and becomes the go to marketplace, then I think creators would consider blocking a lot of other marketplaces.

It also depends on what type of collection (721 1/1 or 721 large generative collection or 1155) and when the collection is launched.

In the Current Market:
-For a large 721A launched before the Aug 31 deadline I would set up the filter to get royalties on Opensea, Blur and X2Y2. I’d expect most of the volume to be on Blur who is currently honoring royalties for collections using the OS filter, not blocking Blur and turning on royalties on X2Y2. After the February 2024 deadline, I would consider blocking Opensea. If Blur is still honoring royalties, I would not want all the volume to migrate to Opensea for zero royalties and lose volume/royalties on Blur.

Near Future Market:
-For large generative collections launching after August 31st, I would consider blocking Opensea from the start. Maybe some collections will want to go strictly Blur.

Everyone has different views on how this should work, it’s constantly changing and that’s why I think it’s valuable to empower creators to easily make these adjustments with out having to do complicated coding.

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Please, do not sunset the “Marketplace Blocker” app. :pray:t2:

so strange that Manifold is removing the marketplace blocker app unless their marketplace blocker app only works thanks to opensea operator filter , that could be the reason @richerd
could the selection of marketplace stays ??? Thank you

Thank you everyone for the feedback! It really does help us think about how we build Studio and really makes a difference.

This was definitely a part of why we have decided to keep the Marketplace Blocker app running indefinitely.


Hello Lyndo this is a great news i know Manifold want to support and empower artists in the web3 ecosystem. I truly bellieve this app has to stay .
I went in the studio and this message is still appearing, shouldnt it be removed now the app will stay.

Thank you for All Manifold team

Thanks for the reminder - This message will be removed shortly.