Marketplace Indexing Request

Hey folks,

Im working for an art marketplace (@Sealed_art)
Our dev built a tool that allows artists to set up ERC1155 listings on Sealed that are gas free for the artist, the artist approves one of their existing manifold 1155 contracts, and when the first collector mints, the NFT is brought onchain at that time. We feel it’s great to have artists retain ownership of their contracts and have control over them via tools like Manifold studio while also cutting out gas cost occurrences on our end!
Main issue is, NFTs created with our gasless listing on Sealed are not indexed in Manifold, so they don’t appear in Manifold studio, artists can’t make updates to the art, descriptions, titles etc! I’ve spoken to an engineer from Manifold who said it is to do with indexing on Manifold’s side, we think it would be great for artists to have access to Manifold Studio tools!

Hope you can help or pass it on to someone in the team who can, thanks!
Nev (Sealed Team)

An example of an artwork minted gaslessly on Sealed, to an existing Manifold contract, but doesnt show in Manifold studio: