Maximun quantity of properties?

Does anyone know the maximum number of properties that the manifold studio smart contract template supports? Thanks folks

How many are you aiming to input? Please keep in mind these need to be added manually.

Thanks for engaging with me lyndo. I feel the community here is very special. I like to add individual colours as properties and stuggle to get much above 8 using the text property. Is this about the max?

Hey lyndo. I am all about small runs of NFTs, mostly 1 to 30. All are added by hand and yes, it is quite laborious, but I’d find 10-15 properties is probably about ideal for my most complicated NFTs. I don’t want Manifold to bother upping this number just for me. I was just curious is about 8 is the max, or if there is a way I can add more. All the best

You should be able to add as many as you like, are you seeing some kind of error when you input more than 8?

Hi lyndo… yes you are exactly right… when I add a 9th “text” property, I get an error “Form data is invalid. Please inspect all red outlined fields” (and the 9th property is outlined in red). It seems quite clear to me that 8 is the maximum parameter of this aspect of the pro-forma. Do you have any ideas? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot? Will be looking at this as there shouldn’t be a limit.

Hi lyndo, I managed to grab a screenshot showing the red box around the “error” field, but strangely when I tried to take a screenshot of the error window, everything suddenly seemed to start working fine.
Did you tweak something? Anyway, all seems to work fine now. :slight_smile:

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