Merch Bridge: Non-snapshot campaigns can only use ERC721 tokens

Hi everyone,

So I have a burn window open until the end of the year, where people can exchange 7 NFTs of mine for 1 animated NFT and a signed free physical art print from my webshop. I’ve integrated merch bridge to my Shopify but have one last hurdle to cross: ‘Manage rules’: There was an error creating this campaign rule. Received “Non-snapshot campaigns can only use ERC721 tokens”

Is there a way to go around this? Or is there a way to do multiple snapshots (1 a month or so) but without letting people who claimed their print already, claim them a 2nd time?

I believe there’s no work around for the ERC721 token issue, but I would like to know if these monthly snapshots would be a solution.

Worst case I’ll just have to close the burning window sooner and take a snapshot.

FYI: this is the collection: and here’s the ‘RAINBOW’ burn page RAINBOW and my webshop is vexx. co (can only put 2 links)

Thanks in advance,

gm! Since ERC-1155 tokens are fungible, there is no way to tell if a particular token is used. You can only tell how many copies of the token someone held at time X, and how many times they have redeemed so far. You can set a campaign for 100 redemptions of token 1, with 1 per wallet limit. But if person A redeems, then transfers to their other wallet, they can redeem again, and so forth.

If you do multiple snapshots they would be able to claim twice.

From what you’re describing I think closing the burn window and having a single snapshot works well.