Merch Bridge Rules Error

I’ve created a rule, so that token holders can claim a poster for free. This worked. But now I want to open it up to a different token, at a discount (not free), but it won’t let me delete and add a new rule.

"There was an error deleting this campaign shopify rule. Received: “snapshot has already been scheduled for that campaign in the past so cannot add a new campaignToken”

What is the workaround for this? Let’s say I want to have the campaign for the other one continuing if someone has not claimed theirs for free? So there would be two concurrent campaigns for the same item. Thanks!!

Hey, if you are doing a snapshot gate then you have to add all the products & rules before the snapshot time/date

So if you want it to be a snapshot Product Gate, you will have to create a new product gate/campaign, add the product, and create 2 rules on the product (one for free and another for just the discount) – all before the snapshot time

If you create a non-snapshot gate, then you can add rules on anytime