Merch Bridge Trait Combination Error

Wallet Address for Studio: 0xaF88a198559D08B5932a5dF63b6Be42bE8f96eE1

Product Page: Limited Edition Pixelated Hoodie – Not Zero Yet

I am using merch bridge with this product to offer a discount to holders of a specific set of NFTs within a collection. The holder should hold 12 songs (12 individual traits) of the Pixelated NFTs. The backend is all set up, but the front end says the connected wallet doesn’t have those NFTs.

Backend Settings:

Frontend Error:

Thanks for any help I can get on this!

The way you’ve set this up means that it a person needs a single token with ALL those attributes.

The merch bridge does not support ‘set’ requirements yet (i.e. requiring a person hold a complete set of a number of different tokens).

What you ‘could’ do is run a snapshot of the token holders, identify everyone with a complete set, then airdrop a special token which represents that they had a complete set and gate on that special token.

Even if we introduce the ability to gate access via a set of tokens in the future, it would only be possible via a snapshot.

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I appreciate your response! My mistake, I read over the docs a million times and completely missed the thing about one token having multiple traits, not one wallet holding multiple traits. Thank you for clearing this up!

Hey there, we have a way you can do this now (although, it’s kind of a hack). See here: