Message to my burning page, metamask says "Your NFT may be at risk"

We are now live with our project on Manifold, it’s a Burn Event, but something is wrong, it seems that The burn contract requires access to all NFT in the portfolio…this didn’t happen with the previous BURN, can you give me support please? The BURN will last 24 hours and this is the link: Wonder Mind

Gm! Thank you for reaching out about this. Here’s a brief explanation in our launch thread. As long as the domain is a Manifold domain, collectors are safe to mint.

An example of this being answered in our forum:

Hope this clears things up!

I am sure it is safe, but our collectors do not feel safe seeing this message, so we are having problems with the burn. It didn’t happen to us with the first burn

Unfortunately this is the default warning from Metamask at this time.

From the above thread, “The warning you are seeing here is the default warning. If try to list any NFT for the first time on a contract though OpenSea you will get this confirmation, not just anything minted on a Manifold contract.”

ok thanks, why didn’t this happen with the first burn?

Definitely understand where you’re coming from - This warning was recently updated so it might not have been shown in the past burns.

thanks so much man… it’s not your fault but a “problem” from metamask. have a nice day and thanks for the support!