Listing one NFT for sale (on OS); MM warning NFT may be at risk & allowing access to all

Hi Community and grateful for help as day 2 Manifold minter, 1st day trying to list on OS. I’ve created a collection that will be new photo daily. I gifted yesterday’s mint and today, when I try to list on OS, below is the series of screenshots I experience. It appears I’m allowing access to transfer all of GM Dipping rather than just today’s mint.

Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 1.13.33 PM

gm this is the correct behavior, MetaMask recently updated confirmation warning when calling setApprovalForAll on a NFT contract to the above dialog.

The warning you are seeing here is the default warning. If try to list any NFT for the first time on a contract though OpenSea you will get this confirmation, not just anything minted on a Manifold contract.

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richerd! thanks much. see you on Twitter.