Metadata isn't wokring

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  • A summary of the issue
    I only seem to be able to get the “placeholder” metadata to work, the primary artwork won’t. It’s been quite a few days now, if not a week and I’ve tried refreshing several times and stay patient.

  • What is the expected outcome?
    Metadata working.

  • What is the actual outcome?
    Broken image.

  • A screenshot of the issue/error

The file is .mp4, not sure if that’s an issue? It shouldn’t be according to info I’ve found.

Thank you for taking your time to help with this!


Noticed that it wasn’t displaying properly on Manifold either. The backup image should now work here -

Still looking into the mp4 issue.

Can you try removing all files and uploading one more time? Thanks.

It works now, had to re-upload and got it all set on mainnet.

Thank you if you guys did anything and if not, sorry for wasting your time.

Appreciate it! :pray:

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