Metadata Refesh from Manifold Gallery Auction


I updated an html link yesterday afternoon, so far the Manifold Gallery page hasn’t updated to the new link, but LR and OS do have the new one.

When clicking view metadata on the gallery page it does have the correct link, though artwork shows the old one. I have refreshed metadata in Studio. Does it need a refresh from your end bc I had already transferrd to Manifold for auction?


Metadata Link

Thank you, team. :pray:

I cancelled that auction and started a new one, but the same issue remains.

Still having a cache / metadata issue :pray:

(Click on image, there are two photograhs in the piece)

The metadata link on the gallery page, does go to the correct two images, but the piece showing on the gallery has the old image when clicked on.

Correct piece, from metadata link:

For others who may have this same issue:

There were two metadata refresh buttons bc I was using the gallery app. I was initially refreshing via one under the token edit, but when I updated from the gallery app section (under the three dots) it refreshed. :pray:

Awesome glad you figured it out.

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