Metadata Title field values

When creating Titles for our work, does it matter if the Title repeats and it is on the same contract? Stated another way, does each Titles have to be unique?

For example, I want to create a series by decades. What if there were multiple assets with the Title of “1960s”?

What if l create one 1155 tomorrow with the Title “1960s” and next month there will be two more “1960s”, then three ERC721. Will the second Title automatically have an extension – “1960s-2”?

OR, must I keep track of multiple titles and create my own numerical extension?

I don’t think the titles matter. Are you worried your collectors will get mixed up?

Not sure what you’re trying to do but for 1155 you can mint a multiple tokens but it will show multiple tokens. For ERC721 Contracts, editions are automatically numbered.

Hey, thanks for feedback. Yes, I am worried --it’s a good day to be worried!

Confusion is my biggest concern: for my customers and for my own internal workflow. I think you nailed one aspect of the problem precisely – some editions are numbered and some are not.

What happens if you have one contract and you are minting ERC-721 numbered editions and you skip? For example:

Token 1 | Unique (Title) | 1 of 1
Token 2 | Unique (Title) | 10 of 1
Token 3 | 1970s (Title) | 200 of 1
Token 4 | Unique (Title) | 1 of 1
Token 5 | Unique (Title) | 1 of 1
Token 6 | 1970s (Title) | 200 of 1 ** Does the number start at 201 for the Title “1970s”
Token 7 | Unique (Title) | 1 of 1
Token 8 | 1970s (Title) | 100 of 1 ** Does the number start at 401 for the Title “1970s”

I am hoping to make it simple to continuously add to a series denoted by the TITLE.

No need for titles to be unique :slight_smile:

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