Metadata won't show up - Claim page for open edition


I have all the metadata on my piece but they are not showing up on OS or other platforms.
Any idea how to fix it?

This is the piece on OS:

This is the claim page:

Hope you can help me to get it sorted.


Hmm - Can you take a screenshot of the properties from Studio? Would help identify which properties are missing.

Checking out your token’s metadata here:

Hi Iyndo, these are some of the proprieties.

I have two other piece with similar proprieties in the collection as you can see from the OS page. The metadata for the other two pieces are appearing.

Hmmm were these added after the claim was created?

I think one was airdropped to me just to set up the OS page.
Is there a fix?

So the claim/token was created with all of this metadata set? Or did this happen after and you’re trying to update.

Sorry. Yeah I’m trying to update. :slight_smile:

Sorry. Yeah I’m trying to update but nothing is working! I don’t know why :slight_smile:

Just touching base to see if you have any update for me? Cheers