Migrate contracts to new wallet admin

Hello Manifold Devs,
Last year when I first deployed my contract there was an issue with my wallet seed phrase security. I have had this done for me once before after the initial breach, but I didn’t destroy the MetaMask wallet becasue I needed it to login to EVERYTHING. Now I am doing that because I’m tired of having my Eth drained every few weeks by whatever contract is stuck in the SEED wallet.

Agustin and Lyndon emailed a Doc with instructions to migrate to a NEW Eth wallet address if I wanted to do that. This week I clicked on that link to begin the process with my new Ledger wallet and secure SEED so I can Delete the compromised MetaMask wallet addy forever, but the instructions page is GONE!

Can someone please send me those instructions? I have transferred my ENS registrant/controller (see attachment: need more Eth to complete) to the new wallet as well as ALL of my NFTs and created NEW profiles for all my accounts. This is the last step, and I don’t want to have to deploy a new Manifold contract.

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Studio Login wallet compromised: MetaMask ERC721: 0x4722bb2c281C6651192E36b7E03CCbf60844180D

NEW wallet address to migrate TO: @juliethaas.eth | Foundation

I greatly appreciate your help with this. I’d like to see all of my purchased/transferred NFTs displayed on my new Foundation profile and they don’t for some reason.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Juliet Haas

Sorry that this is happening - The page is still in our docs, it’s just moved over to a new url.