Migration campaign on Optimism

Hello everyone,

the 15th of December 2023, I was very happy to see this announcement from Manifold! Migrating from the L1 to Optimism for my ERC1155 collection was going to be very useful, both for me and my collectors.

I filled the form in the X thread, a week later I got a DM from the official Manifold account asking for the usecase :star_struck: I’ve answered right away and then… 0 response, 0 news. I have no clues about what I’m suppose to do.

Maybe I’ve missed an awesome tool somewhere (even if I’ve been looking for it actively) because the thread was saying " For a limited time migrate any existing collection to a sovereign and secure Manifold contract on BuildOnBase or Optimism and get back 100% of your contract deployment, minting, and airdrop costs direct to your wallet.

The form is still open, so I guess the limited time isn’t done yet? But I still can’t find any way to migrate my contract to Optimism. Do I have to burn the L1 contract, recreate everything on OP and airdrop every NFT to my collectors?

I’m sorry for asking dumb questions but the thread was starting with “Migrate your collection to Optimism or Base for FREE! ![ That’s right, we’ll cover gas. ![ We’ve teamed up with optimismFND and
BuildOnBase to offer FREE collection migrations.” So I thought it would be automatic.

Is anyone else managed to migrate his collection to OP? If there’s any “how to” somewhere, I’d love to follow it :slight_smile:

Edit : my smart contract is this one : 0xbAcB2f61C3a9b7CFE5eA4C3604c8EA8Be98B3550