Migration Options for Impacted Thirdweb Contracts

If you’ve been affected by vulnerabilities in Thirdweb contracts, we’d love to hear more about your situation and see if there’s a way we can help.

Currently, creators of affected ERC-1155 tokens can leverage Burn Redeem to create migrations from their existing contracts to new Manifold contracts. Burn Redeems enable your collectors to get safe, sovereign versions of your tokens without diluting supply or executing an expensive airdrop.

View our tutorial on token migrations here.

If you want to go this route, make sure to lock your Thirdweb contract first, per their recommendation - locked contract tokens can still be burned, but can no longer be transferred or updated.

We are thinking through additional ways that we can best assist impacted creators at this time, but would love to hear your situations - details and all. What’s happening and how can we help? Would a matching ERC-721 burn solution be something of interest? What else do impacted creators need most right now?

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721 migration please!

the current offering from 3rd web is a push button transfer of all metadata/artwork and then option to either airdrop or put the gas on collectors via claim.

if a manifold option existed with similar parameters, i would use manifold. bonus points if it was better optimized to save gas (particularly for airdrop).


Also looking for assistance with this. I have three affected thirdweb contracts with 500+ tokens per contract. Thanks in advance!

Hello Guys, is there here a tool to help to create a copy of the affecred contracts with vulnerabilities?

I’d like to create a new mint with Manifold (or to airdrop the tokens to holders). I already have the snapshot at the block happened before the hack

What happened is basically the contract property has been transferred to an hacker with a function that called 200 (out of 333 NFTs) from holders’ wallets to the hacker wallet in the same transaction that moved the property of the contract to the hacker and then he sold the 200 NFTs into blur bids.

So id’ like to know if there is a tool you have to copy the same contract and deploy through Manifold.

Thank you.