Mint a Dynamic NFT having variables written in p5.js?

Hi dear community !

So I have a NFT collection that is randomly generated by P5.js. The artwork is dynamic and changes according to 5 different variables with 4 possibilities (each variable is changing a visual parameter of the artwork, so in total 1024 artworks possible).

Is there a way to create an NFT where theses parameters will be passed to the script and generate the NFT live. Via URL parameters maybe (like,2,3,3,2) ?

I’ve followed the following guide for Minting HTML pages but not sure how to integrate theses variables there: Minting HTML Pages - Manifold Docs.

I also want each combination to be minted once if possible. Thanks in advance for the help !

I am wondering the same thing or is it possible to have the p5.js read directly from the metadata if its in the same location that might work? Also your going to need a fixed seed passed in for each mint otherwise your random results will be different each load. Did you end up figuring this out?