Mint Additional Existing (1155) Tokens


i’m wondering if it is possible to mint additional existing (1155) tokens after a burn & redeem was initiated (and ended)?
for example, tokenID 4 of a contract was created using the burn & redeem function a while back, and in the case where i’d like to mint additional tokens, how would i go about doing so?

i don’t see a native functionality exposed via the Studio UI and have also tried checking on etherscan of the contract and thought perhaps [mintExtensionExisting] would be the function to call - maybe i’m just not getting the syntax correctly?

thanks a lot for your help !

To mint more you actually have to go to the burn extension address and mint from there, which will call into your creator address.

Use the airdrop function with your creator contract address and instance id:

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gm wilkins,

thanks a lot for the timely and helpful response !

a follow-up question:
i couldn’t find the burn extension address directly from my own contract or the tx when i registered the extension (0xa4fb4bfbd70Ae8C81eCe9E0FCCefFa9953e120cB),
so i googled “IBurnRedeemCore.sol” and found the address for 1155 (i think):

however, i’m still a bit unsure why with the inputs as shown in the screenshot below, the tx seems like it will still fail if i go ahead writing it.
how do i find instanceID for tokenID 4 of the token in the said contract (0xCD955030a01d9284A236485b1689821A632511c9)?

thanks a lot again !!


The extension address, instanceId and creatorContractAddress should show up in your burn redeem settings.

Alternately, post a link to your BR please.

gm wilkins,

thanks again for your response.

i’ve found the instanceID: 1757081840 but still doesn’t seem to work:

here’s the burn & redeem i’m testing with (perhaps important to note that this is not actually the token i’ll be minting more of but potentially an upcoming one that has yet to be minted):

thanks again !

Looks like you almost had it right, except you were missing some square brackets.

The extension address is 0xa4fb4bfbd70Ae8C81eCe9E0FCCefFa9953e120cB, so go here:

Under airdrop, enter:
recipients (don’t forget the square brackets, if it doesn’t work, try putting the 0x address in quotes):
amounts (don’t forget the square brackets).:

gm wilkins,

thanks again for the detailed response.
this is what i’m also confused about:
this 0xa4fb contract doesn’t have many write functions exposed, including airdrop seemingly missing:

and hence why i thought it’s the 0xde659 contract where there is an airdrop function;

with which i also tried just now and still receives error (with or without quotation mark around the recipient address:

feel like we’re getting close …
thanks again !

Ah. I see why. This was an older burn/redeem right? Prior versions didn’t have airdrop functionality which might be why it doesn’t show on the UX as well.

correct, it’s from more than a year ago, and i’m just using it as a sort of a test for a potential new burn & redeem / mint; and unfortunately that’s why i thought i got all the info already (the burn extension contract address and other inputs) but couldn’t seem to get it to work.

then question now is:
if i am to initiate a new burn & redeem (on this same creator contract), would i be registering for the newest burn & redeem extension upon publishing on the studio UI, and hence will be able to write to the airdrop method after the redeeming phase concludes? (such as the one i found and linked above:, or would i be stuck with using the old extension since it has already been registered on my creator contract?

and yes, there’s no airdrop functionality on this previous burn & redeem token setup page - where would it have been as i don’t see it now either when test setting up a new one up until the “publish” step? with the new burn & redeem, would it simply appear somewhere in the webpage after it’s initiated?

anyhow, i’d like to confirm because the potential drop mechanism will be dependent on it, i’ll have to know in advance about the possibilities (as i would otherwise not be able to fulfill a potential promise if i were to say something like “so and so that fit a certain criteria will be airdropped tokens after the burn & redeem windows ends”.)

hopefully this all makes sense, and thanks a lot again for all the help so far !

If you were to initiate a new burn & redeem, it would ask you to register the latest extension on the studio UI, and it would give you access to airdrop (and should in the UX as well).

The airdrop functionality would appear in your edit page post publish.

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ah amazing, thanks for confirming - i think that pretty much answers the initial question and everything then ! i’ll try it out in the next few days as i’m not releasing the new piece just yet, but will circle back if there’s any additional issue :pray: