Mint did not work

i minted a nft from Manifold but the nft did not arrive in my wallet, but the money went out . What can i do. Can i contact Manifold?

Gm! Can you send a link of the token you minted as well as a link to the transaction?

Hi lyndo thanks a lot for your respond. Hier is the collection
And the Transactionhash

Thanks for your help kind regards

Your transaction didn’t go through before the mint was over. No funds were taken from your account, but there was a small gas cost with the failed transaction ($1.18)

A transaction will take differing amounts of time depending on how busy the ethereum network is when you submit the transaction. This is the nature of how the blockchain works, and unfortunately we do not have any control over this.

But you got the money and i did not get the nft. Would be nice if you could transfer the money back. not the gas but the money i payed without receiving.

As explained, we don’t receive any of the money from that transaction. That is an ethereum network fee.

Sorry just to get it right so the ether network did take the 0.069 but that was the mint price. i know that they take the gas but this was the price for the NFT. Sorry i don’t understand this. I mean why the take the money for the NFT. Shouldn’t be the amount where you and later the artist gets?? I just want do understand.

It didn’t take the mint price or mint fee. That was returned to you. It only consumed $1.08 of “gas” on the ethereum network, which was the cost to submit the transaction to the network and paid to node operators.