Mint Gamification w/ Manifold

We are planning logistics to do a drop on Base and looking to decide what platform we use for the drop (Zora, Manifold, Highlight, etc).

We had the following idea to add some gamification to the mint, and I’d love to know if it’d be possible to do it with Manifold or not:

  • OE mint at 0.0008 ETH
  • Give one free mint to xyz holders (main collection from our community)
  • Mint x1 to unlock xyz 3D asset file
  • Mint x2 to unlock xyz oncyber space

Gm! It sounds like you’re just looking to run an OE with an allowlist for wallets to mint? This can be done with claims. For the 3D asset/oncyber space, what are you thinking as to how this would work? Are you airdropping an additional token? Or creating a token gated site?