Mint Limit per wallet changed without my authorisation

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I have never set a limit of 10 per wallet for my collection, nor have I uploaded any files to set such a limit for any wallet. The maximum limit I had set was 2, but it appears the platform is now allowing my NFTs to be minted up to 10 per wallet

I need to change this ASAP to 1

  • yachtdesign.eth used to log into Studio

Hi, you need to open your claim: Manifold Studio and change the limit to 1.

Thank now works, and platform allows me to change it to 1, but it damaged my mint as some people minted over 20 and dropped on the floor during the last 5 hours

which was not the intention

thanks for sorting that out

another issue encounter as tokens do not have similar names and so many share exact same number as 1/888 while the rest are only the name and some with correct names and numbers